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Many home owners neglect to use blinds in decorating their houses. But, blinds are more than just decorating materials and have become essential for residential houses as well as commercial establishments. Without blinds, doors and windows can remain uncovered, exposing the interior of the house from the outside by passers. Not only do blinds enhance beauty of the house, but also increase security.


There are different types and makes of blinds such as timber, plastic, metal, and fabric blinds. Regardless of what kind of materials you choose, blinds can look elegant. This simple home accessory can make your house have a sense of luxury, especially if you have the right colors that compliment the room. Blinds have a number of benefits and these are as follows.

Numerous Designs

Traditional blinds, metal blinds, plastic blinds, and fabric blinds as well as wooden blinds are available in different designs.

You can find the blinds that compliment to the design of your house and your preference making your home look luxurious.

Natural Look

Timber blinds and fabric blinds look more natural over the traditional ones. These look more appealing from both sides. In addition, wooden blinds serve as insulators blocking the heat of the sun from entering your home, making your living space much cooler. Contrary to insulator blinds, you can put fabric blinds or plastic blinds on humid areas of your house such as the bathroom.

Increased Security

If you worry about privacy, putting blinds on your doors and windows make sense. Traditional curtains actually guard the proper view of the room from the outside. But, if you look from the outside of the house, you can catch the outlines of the object and people inside the house. Blinds can reduce the chances of expectants to have a view inside your house or building.


Easy to Maintain and Long Lasting

Blinds are easy to maintain as you do not need to work hard just to clean them. The use of cleansers and a damp cloth/rug is enough to clean them. On top of all blinds are long lasting. You do not need to replace them every now and then like you used to do on traditional curtains.

Depending on your preference, you may change these blinds to make your home look different after a longer period of time or if you prefer to redecorate your home to make it more appealing.

Where to Find Blinds

The Blind Experts is your online resource for the right size, colours, and types of blinds for your home.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Blind Experts offer different kinds of blinds to suit your needs and preferences. Here, you can find roller blinds, vertical blinds, and venetian blinds made from a number of materials such as wood/timer, plastic, metal, and fabric.

Roller Blinds

Looking for a fresh way to update the design of your home? Why not considered roller blinds? Roller blinds are available in different styles and colors to suit your preferences and your budget at the same time.

This style of blinds is not just cheap, but also versatile making it an ideal alternative to Venetian blinds.

Do you have an extensive home remodeling project? There are motorized roller blind systems to accommodate your needs.

Although you may need to spend a couple hundreds of dollars, this type of blinds offer unique advantages that other window treatments cannot provide.

Traditional roller blinds are designed based on the principle of tension and release. This means that these blinds use springs to create friction and tension to hold the blind to a proper position when tension is applied.

When the blind is released, it maintains proper position due to the springs. Other roller blinds are based on the principle of continuous loop action, which provide a more natural and smoother up-and-down motion.

Roller Blinds Benefits

A roller blind is a practical option over other types of blinds. This can provide protection to furniture and other expensive items inside the house against the shading from the sun.

Also, it can be used to control the light coming from the outside to the interior of the house. Roller blinds are commonly placed on windows to cut out glare when working on a computer or watching television for example.


A roller blind can be used in a number of areas inside the house including the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Due their compositions, roller blinds are perfect in areas in the house where moisture is an issue. These blinds can be used in almost any area of the house and the availability of different designs and colors made them extremely popular in living areas. In fact, there are fabrics with laminate backing roller blinds available that can match your curtains, upholstery, or accessories at home.

These blinds also have special uses. Here at the Blind Experts, you can find roller blinds that operate in a variety of window styles. In most houses, loungerooms are the favourite rooms of families. However, loungerooms can become too hot during summer.

New systems are developed to suit double glazed windows almost perfectly and at the same time blend beautifully with the window frame to make them look more natural.

Roller blinds are practical options for bathrooms and kitchens. These blinds can provide thermal installation and blackout in bedrooms.

These accessories are easy to fit and to maintain making them cost effective compared to other styles of blinds. Here you can find a wide variety of roller blinds that will suit your preference as well as your budget.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer great window covering solutions for homes and offices providing a quick and practical solution to manage sunlight. A vertical blind helps to control the amount of glare that enters the room and at the same time provide privacy.

There are hundreds of different vertical blinds styles, designs, and colors. Since your option is overwhelming, the type of vertical blind to buy becomes an issue to some.

vertical blinds

Aluminium Vertical Blind

An aluminum vertical blind is fairly inexpensive, lightweight, small and easy to install. This type of vertical blind is somewhat basic, but it’s perfect for garage, workshop, and office use.

Fabric Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds made with fabric allow natural light inside the room throughout the day. Fabric vertical can be made from woven materials making it not just high quality, but also appealing.

PVC Vertical Blind

Also known as a plastic vertical blind, this type of blind can help to control the light of the sun inside the room. The days of unattractive plain pieces of plastic blinds are gone – PVC vertical blinds are made from a range of colors and styles with patterned and textured designs. When you choose a PVC blind, pick the one with a thicker plastic pattern as it offers greater resistance to sunlight damage. The thicker the plastic material, the longer it will hold its colors and shapes.

Vertical Blinds Benefits

Putting blinds in your doors and windows have money-saving benefits. With blinds, you can reduce the amount of glare entering the room at the same time decreasing the heat index.

During the summer months, you can save as much as 20% from your air conditioning and electric cost. Blinds also have benefits during colder months. They can keep the heat inside the house, reducing your heating bills.

vertical blinds

Vertical blinds also bring health benefits. By utilizing vertical blinds, you can decrease your exposure to the sun rays thereby lowering your risk of eye strains and headaches. You know how harmful sunlight can be, especially during noon time and the afternoon. In addition, blinds can help you utilize any room in the house for reading and studying purposes. They also reduce glare, which makes television no longer a challenge.

Many people tend to overlook the overwhelming advantages of blinds. Although these advantages are small and simple, these can actually make your life better. Many individuals hate the thought of cleaning blinds, but they do not actually collect much dirt.

Aside from the health benefits that you can get from these, any damage to furniture or any valuable item inside the house that can be caused by UV rays.

The Blind Experts offers you a wide range of vertical blinds that can suit your preference and budget.

Here, you can find the best Sydney blinds that can make your home appealing and a healthier living space for the entire family.

Venetian Blinds

venetian blinds

Windows and doors can be covered in a variety of ways such as blinds, curtains, shutters, and shades. The horizontal blinds or the venetian blinds are the most common window blinds.

This blind uses thin slats of materials (plastic, PVC, or aluminum metal) strung on a string ladder with an adjuster allowing you to change the angle and the tilt of the slats. Venetian blinds are mainly made from aluminum alloy coated with enamel to preserve its vividness. All elements of a Venetian blind are carefully chosen to ensure that this accessory will last for many years without wear and tear.

The blind can be put into the window via face fastened application or a window frame recess. The slats can come in different sizes, but the most popular slat width are 50mm, 35mm, 25mm, and 16mm.

Usually, the slats are made from about 3.2mm aluminum examined for durability and strength. In addition, the blind has crash proof cord locks with enamel finish.

When the Venetian blind is dropped, it can provide a number height levels for a variety of adaptation. Out of the many styles and designs of blinds, the Venetian blinds are the only blind that can be turned or dropped. This means that this type of blind can provide you with total privacy.

Venetian Blinds Benefits

Aside from increased privacy, protection from the glare of the sun, and energy saving benefits of blinds – Venetian blinds are the only style of blinds that can be used in almost anywhere inside the house.


The kitchen is a room susceptible to moisture and high humidity. Since Venetian blinds are made with aluminum alloy, they can withstand the wear and tear caused by extreme temperature changes compared to fabric, PVC, and timber blinds.


The laundry room have similar condition to kitchens, so Venetian blinds are perfect in these rooms.


Bedroom – Irrespective of the material type, Venetian blinds look great in contemporary bedrooms. This type of blind can give the room with a sophisticated and elegant appearance, especially when you combine it with colourful curtains.


The loungeroom can be extremely hot in the inside during summer months, so putting venetian blinds makes sense. Installing venetian blinds in each window allows you to totally block the glare of sunlight in the room coming from the outside helping you to utilize the room for its purpose.

Here at the Blind Experts, you can find different kinds of Venetian blinds and other kinds of blinds made with a variety of colours, patterns, and materials. You can also choose from the luxury sheer of elegant blinds to make your Sydney home more appealing. The Blind Experts has an extensive collection of different style and designs of blinds to fit your doors and windows.